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Quality checked by millions of clients worldwide
Why do even professionals trust Gipfel?
Own research center in Germany
International standards of production
Clients from 50 countries – more than 500 sales points
Use of safety materials and new technologies
Long-term service
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Brand’s philosophy
Production created with love and thought out to the last detail

Gipfel products appeared as a result of skillful interweaving of handicraft traditions of German craftsmen and innovation technologies.

Consumer care is the basis of production development:

  • Health
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Meeting aesthetic requirements

With Gipfel products cooking ceases to be a chore. It turns into exciting procedure when you can enjoy both results and process.

Quality since 1997
Founded in 1997 the German Company Gipfel still retains superiority in the sphere of cookware and kitchenware production thanks to:
introduction of the latest technologies and development
multi-level quality control system at each stage of production
continuous product improvement based on the customer needs research
Worldwide popularity
Each detail is taken into account in the production of the brand. Everything is created for the consumer comfort.
That is why Gipfel kitchenware is highly valued by customers around the world.
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With Gipfel kitchenware – cooking is only a pleasure!
Set of cutting boards
Use of metal accessories is allowed. Environmentally-friendly materials are used in this product.
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GIPFEL vegetable cutter
SANA vegetable cutter manual, multifunctional with replaceable knives
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Colander GIPFEL
2 steel handles with silicone pads, legs with non-slip silicone pads
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Set of knives GIPFEL
Use of metal accessories is allowed. Environmentally-friendly materials are used in this product
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Set of cutting boards GIPFEL 3135 CORTA 5 items
Diameter cm 32x25
Wall height 8.1
Series CORTA
Material Plastic
Weight, kg 2.2
Dishwasher safe Yes
Size (cm) 32х8.1х25
Number of elements 5
To order
Vegetable cutter GIPFEL 9747 SANA
Material Plastic, stainless steel
Weight, kg 0.5
Dishwasher safe Yes
Basic color Yellow
Size (cm) 31х14х9
Handle material Plastic
Collection Sana
To order
Colander GIPFEL 1371 VEGA
Diameter cm 16
Series VEGA
Material 18/10 stainless steel
Weight, kg 0.7
Dishwasher safe Yes
Basic color Silver, green
Height (cm) 10.5
Handle material Silicone Stainless steel
To order
Set of knives GIPFEL 67695 items
Material Stainless steel
Basic color White, dark-blue
Handle material Plastic
Number of elements 5
Collection Outside collections
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